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Dr. Anil Yadav

(Implantologist & Periodontist MDS)

Dr. Anil Yadav is an alumnus from prestigious PGI Rohtak medical university, Haryana. He completed his masters in periodontal surgery in 2005 and immediately afterwards he joined government hospital, Rewari as district dental surgeon for 3 years. He also joined SGT dental college, Gurgaon as a professor. Dr. Anil Yadav is now clinical director and principal dentist at neo dental clinic he has 5 other dental setups in Gurgaon at different locations, Dr. Anil Yadav has performed more than 10,000 implants over the 20 years of his clinical experience. His area of expertise includes all kinds of regenerative periodontal surgery including bone grafting and cosmetic gum surgeries, all kinds of dental implants (full mouth implants including zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants in compromised cases and sinus lift, bone graft) he is well known clinician in the city respected for his extraordinary ability to treat failed cases successfully and his skills in smooth extraction, full mouth rehabilitative and general dental care.


Dr. Sanyogita Yadav

She is practicing Implantologist and cosmetic dentist from past 12 years at Dr. Anil Yadav dental clinic. She finished her graduation from SGT dental college in 2008. She was Ex. Resident at RD hospital new Delhi. She provides with American dental association approved implants system with high historical success rates. Her dedication to comprehensive dentistry ensures her patients experience the best of both functional and aesthetic dentistry. Driven by her love for nature beauty Dr Sanyogita Yadav enjoys creating beautiful smiles and healthy bites that last life time.

Dr. Ranju


She is a practicing dental surgeon at Dr Anil Yadav dental clinic past 10 years. She has completed her graduation from maulana dental college, followed by her specialization in oral and maxillofacial surgery from SGT dental college, Gurgaon she deals with the diagnosis and treatment of broad range of disorders affecting facial complexes including the jaws and oral cavity which includes impactions, TMJ disorders, cysts and tumours of jaws. She is highly dedicated to provide patients the best dental treatments and with best results.


Dr. Khushboo Sharma


Dr. Khushboo Sharma is a post graduate degree holder in the department of conservative and endodontics specializing in all restorative and root canal procedures along with post and core build up and crown placement. While pursuing her masters, she was exposed to and became well versed with a myriad of rare and technique sensitive procedures involving thin and calcified canals, taurodont teeth, instrument retrieval and retreatment cases. She was the first rank holder in her department and was placed at 2nd rank at her university.

She has a remarkable command on all general dentistry procedures and a gentle chair side manner that would put the most apprehensive patient at ease. She has trained in microsurgical procedures and is adept with all forms of endodontic surgery.

Dr. Saurabh Bhardwaj

Dr. Soarabh bhardwaj is practicing general dentistry since 10 years. He completed his graduation from MM dental college, Mullana, Ambala. He is having 10 years of clinical experience involving all aspects of dentistry including root canals, cosmetic treatment, dental implants. He has given satisfying and happy smiles to many patients with art of smile designing with laminates and veneers.


Dr. Naushad Ali


He is practicing conservative and endodontics from past 8 years at different prestigious & renounds institution. He finished his graduation from Aurobindo medical & dental college, Indore (M.P) and post-graduation from Rau dental college, Indore, M.P. He is committed to his duties and a patient friendly practitioner. Specialized exclusively in diagnosis & treated of painless endodontics (root canal) infections. He also treats cracked teeth, perform endodontics surgery treat securely infected tooth. He uses advance technology such as microscope, ultrasonics, CBCT, digital imagery & lasers has special experts in treating difficult case such as teeth with narrow, blocked, curved canals, unusual anatomy, file retrieval & re-treat fail cases. He is actively involved in research and has several international and national publications to his credit and has also presented at various national and state level conferences. He has been using a dental operating microscope for the last 4 years and is a skilled clinician. Micro-dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and endodontics are his special areas of his expertise.

Dr. Abhishek Shokhanda

He is actively involved in research and has several international and national publications to his credit and has also presented at various national and state level conferences. He has been using a dental operating microscope for the last 4 years and is a skilled clinician. Micro-dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and endodontics are his special areas of his expertise.


Dr. Preeti Yadav

(Ex-Consultant Paras Hospital Gurgaon)

She is an experienced cosmetic dental surgeon with over 10 years of experience in restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Her areas of expertise include full mouth rehabilitations, root canal treatments, paediatric dentistry, to list a few. She also specializes in periodontal procedures. She is graduated from prestigious Manipal university and further taken training from AIIMS; Delhi has done several advanced dental courses. She has given satisfying and happy smile to many patients. Her firm belief in infection control and an ethical practice saw her achieve an amazing success rate. She continues to update her knowledge in latest advancements in dentistry through seminars and conferences.

Dr. Archita Prakash

Dr. Archita Prakash is a practicing Dental Surgeon at ‘Dr Anil Yadav Dental Clinic’. She graduated from PDM Dental College, Bahadurgarh and is known for her friendly and cheerful approach. She strives for nothing less than the best for her patients, ensuring the highest quality of treatment and their utmost comfort.


Dr. Haifa Faroqui

She did her graduation from Modern dental college Indore (M.P). She has done her schooling from Riyadh international school from Riyadh Saudi Arabia. She can very convince in Arabic language to that expert in various prestigious clinic in Indore and Mumbai. She is another committed dentist in Gurgaon treating anxious & very young children. She has established a reputation among children for friendly and gentle dentistry where helps un-cooperative children feel relaxed. Her schooling was done in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia making her very comfortable with Arabic language. She has established a reputation for her friendly and gentle paediatric dentistry which makes the children relaxed and comfortable.


Dr. Purwa Gangwal

(MDS Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist)

Dr. Purwa gangwal specializes in maxillofacial radiology with a keen interest in advanced imaging modalities like CT & CBCT She graduated from ccs university, Meerut followed by masters in oral medicine and radiology. She is a practicing dental surgeon at ‘Dr. Anil Yadav dental clinic’. She believes in incorporation of latest radiographic techniques in routine dental practice for accurate diagnosis & precise treatment planning. She has been working with cone beam computed tomography since 2016 and has developed a meticulous approach in diagnosing and treating oral precancerous lesions, TMJ disorders and neuralgic pains. She is a member of Indian academy of oral medicines & radiology and Indian dental association and has received awards in national specialty conferences.